Socon One - Custom Management Solutions
Socon One - Custom Management Solutions

SoconOne is a fully customized management platform designed specifically for construction, industry and trades. Because every business is different, we customize each system based on our client's management, structure, administrations, operations, workflow and data requirements.

Our core platform allow businesses to customize and deploy targeted solutions such as customized timecards, scheduling, electronic forms, project management, safety compliance, equipment maintenance and more. You decide what you need, when you need it and how you need it to work.

In addition to the technology and the customization, our consultants also provide hands-on service from initial consultation through to deployment, training and ongoing support. As you grow and expand, we'll help you to automate, streamline and optimize your business.

Streamline. Automate. Optimize.


Socon One - Solutions - Forms, Records, and Reports

Forms, Records, and Reports

Socon One - Solutions - Timecard and Payroll

Timecard and Payroll

Socon One - Solutions - Scheduling System

Scheduling System

Socon One - Solutions - Employee and HR

Employee and HR

Socon One - Solutions - Quotes and Estimates

Quotes and Estimates

Socon One - Solutions - Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance

Socon One - Solutions - Document Management

Document Management

Socon One - Solutions - Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment

Socon One - Solutions - Project Management

Project Management

Affordable. Accessible. Flexible. Customized. Guided.

How it Works

Socon One - How it Works - Consultation and Planning

Step 1

Consultation and Planning

Socon One - How it Works - SoconOne Platform

Step 2

SoconOne Platform

Socon One - How it Works - Project Objectives

Step 3

Project Objectives

Socon One - How it Works - Customization

Step 4


Socon One - How it Works - Implementation

Step 5


Hands-on Planning. Development. Implementation. Training. Support.

Benefits and Advantages

  1. Reduced Labor and Operating Cost
  2. Improve Employee Productivity
  3. Lower Cost of Employee Management
  4. Reduce Paperwork and Data Entry
  5. Increase Price Competitiveness
  6. Streamline Operations and Management
  7. Centralize Management and Control
  8. Increase Compliance and Accountability
  9. Reduce Administrations and Overhead
  10. Reduce Human Errors and Waste
Industry Leaders with Over 20 Years of Experience.

Why Work with Us

Socon One - How it Works - Dedicated System Consultant

Dedicated System Consultant

Socon One - How it Works - Fully Customized Solutions

Fully Customized Solutions

Socon One - How it Works - Hands-on Service, Training, and Support

Hands-on Service, Training, and Support

Socon One - How it Works - Fully Integrated Modules

Fully Integrated Modules

Socon One - How it Works - Non-disruptive Implementation

Non-disruptive Implementation

Socon One - How it Works - Targeted Solution Areas

Targeted Solution Areas

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