Our team focused on hands on service, support and management. From initial consultation through to customization, deployment, training, support, management and more.

The SoconOne Process

Our onboarding, customization and implementation process is designed to be fast, easy and effective with most deployments averaging less than 2 weeks. Most importantly, we take care of the entire process from initial consultation to deployment and training. The SoconOne onboarding process is simply the best management software onboarding experience you can have.


Initial Consultation

First, your solutions advisor will work with you to gain an understanding of your business, management, administration, organization, operations, workflow and more.
Socon One - Initial Consultation

Problems and Improvements

Next your advisor will then work with you to identify areas of the business which can be improved or problems which can be solved.
Socon One - Initial Consultation

Solutions Planning

Based on the solutions and improvements required, your advisor will develop a solutions plan designed to implement changes via system customization.
Socon One - Initial Consultation

Customization and Development

Based on the customization specified by your advisor, the development team will customize the SoconOne platform to suit your requirements.
Socon One - Initial Consultation

Deployment and Training

Once your system customization is completed, your advisor will provide training to all users including management, administrators and employees.
Socon One - Initial Consultation

Service, Support and Management

Our focus is service, support and management. That means your advisor will be there to provide hands on client services, user support and system management.
Socon One - Initial Consultation